, The PANDORA Illuminating Stars charm (796373CZ) was one of the few star themed charms from the PANDORA Winter 2017 collection, which was largely full of holiday and snowflake charms. Although the Illuminating Stars charm is not as conspicuous as some of my other picks from the Winter 2017 collection, it has a winsome design which is quite captivating.

I have always been fond of star shapes and back in my school days I filled the covers of my exercise books with teeny tiny star doodles. Now that I have matured a little I prefer to use stars to add a dreamy, magical feel to my jewellery with like the PANDORA Illuminating Stars.

The face of is comprised of three stars and five sparkling halos. Each star is slightly different. One is a made of a star shaped cubic zirconia, a second has a single set cubic zirconia stone at its centre and the third is finished with s soft, white enamel which has a subtle glittery, pearlescent effect. The entire design is encompassed with a bright, gleaming orbit of clear, cubic zirconia stones. Although I sometimes believe PANDORA can overuse cubic zirconia stones in their designs, I think the use of them in the Illuminating Stars charm is just right.